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The foundation of any outstanding pool lies in the meticulousness of swimming pool excavation and site prep. Proper site preparation ensures the longevity of the pool, minimizes potential structural issues, and offers a seamless construction process. When executed correctly, it guarantees the pool's safety, stability, and optimal performance for years to come. If you want the best services in Jonesboro, Greenfield, Winesburg, Cash, and Gilkerson, give us a call at 870-512-6600.

Our Detailed Excavation & Site Prep Process for Pools

Pool Planning and Permitting

Before starting the excavation process, it's essential to determine the pool's size, shape, and location. Securing local building permits is a crucial step, as some municipalities have specific requirements regarding how far the pool should be from property lines and other structures.

Access and Pool Site Preparation

Once the planning phase is completed, the next step is to assess site access. It's necessary to ensure that heavy machinery, such as excavators, backhoes, and dump trucks, can reach the intended site. After ensuring proper access, the area should be cleared of any obstacles, like trees or shrubs. Utilities in the vicinity need to be marked to avoid accidental damage during excavation, and for safety purposes, it might be necessary to set up temporary fencing or barriers.

Pool Layout and Excavation

The exact shape and dimensions of the pool should be outlined on the ground using stakes, strings, or spray paint. With the layout clearly marked, the digging can commence. The excavation process should closely follow the pool's predetermined contours and depth, with regular checks on measurements to ensure adherence to the design. The excavated dirt can either be stored for future landscaping purposes or hauled away.

Grading and Pool Infrastructure Setup

After excavating the site, it's crucial to ensure that the bottom and sides of the pool area are smooth and even, providing a solid foundation. With the foundation set, the next phase involves installing necessary plumbing for water circulation, drainage, and filtration. If the design includes pool lights or other electrical components, now is the time to place conduits and electrical boxes.

Pool Reinforcement and Inspection

For concrete pools, especially, the excavated area requires reinforcement. This is usually done using steel rebar or mesh. After setting up the reinforcement, some local regulations might necessitate an inspection to ensure the excavation and initial phases are up to code.

Pool Construction and Finalization

Depending on the type of pool—be it vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete—the next steps would involve laying the pool shell, pouring concrete, or installing a vinyl liner. With the primary structure in place, backfilling the surrounding area secures the pool in its position.

The final steps in the excavation and site preparation phase include removing all construction debris, leveling the surrounding site, and preparing it for any landscaping or decking that will complement the pool.


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